Emma Went

Artist's Statement


My work depicts the mundane and the quotidian; places which are overlooked yet, on a personal level, hold great importance. With each piece, I recall an event or experience from my childhood which has been triggered by the space as a whole or an object or aspect within the space and attempt to reconstruct this space visually. To emphasise these triggers I strive to create a sense of hierarchy, experimenting with photographic transfers juxtaposed against the painted surface. Here I play with the contrast between the manufactured, referencing the stereotypical means of recording events, and the handmade, where things are not quite accurate, colours muted, detail scarce. Despite the works being grounded in a very specific moment in time, there are opportunities for the viewer to engage with the work and expand the lines of interpretation that each piece provokes.


Born in 1990 in Barking, Essex

Works in London





UCL Slade School of Fine Art

BFA Fine Art



Havering College

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design





Jeremy Cubitt Prize

Slade Committee of Scholarships and Prizes




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